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Virtualgumshoe.com has become a leading free public record resources among investigators since it’s debut in 1996.

Initially created by a law enforcement officer collecting links that proved useful for investigative work, the site was known as Webgator and carried the name until 2002. A miscommunication between the host company and the domain owner resulted in a lapse of domain renewal and a third party purchased the name. Forced to relocate on the Internet, the content was migrated to its current location at Virtualgumshoe.com.

Updating and maintaining the accuracy of these links is a never-ending task. The previous owner of Virtualgumshoe.com realized the maintenance requirements were becoming too great to manage alone and offered to sell the site in hopes it would be maintained and improved.

Patrons of the site for many years, two licensed investigators in Chicago, IL worked out an agreement to purchase the site. Since that time, the site has continued to grow in popularity and recently underwent a complete makeover. What you see now is the result of an 8-month reconstruction focused on building up and maintaining all of the free content while offering additional services and products to our niche user group of investigators and researchers. Virtualgumshoe.com now contains over 4000 links to public information databases and informational sites useful to investigators of all types.

Background Screening Consultants LLC is the background research company founded by the Chicago investigators and whose staff assists in maintaining the Virtualgumshoe.com site. “BSC LLC” specializes in conducting in-depth background research for corporations, politicians, and various investment groups.

Virtualgumshoe.com has gained many valuable resources and expertise through its ownership solely consisting of law enforcement and private sector investigators willing to share their resources. By combining the technology and resources of BSC LLC with the years of collected links on Virtualgumshoe.com, the site is more versatile than ever! Equally important are the users of Virtualgumshoe.com who have continually contributed new resources by alerting our staff to the locations of the latest free public record sites as they become available. Combining this knowledge has created one of the most powerful free resources for investigators and researchers that take a hands-on approach to discovering information.

Our Mission

Virtualgumshoe.com strives to be the one stop for public access information and investigative tools. Virtualgumshoe.com is run by investigators and caters to investigators, researchers, journalists, and anyone that benefits from accessing the source of information direct. The researchers behind Virtualgumshoe.com have spent thousands of hours finding, updating and continually researching public access records so you don’t have to.

Thank you for the continued support of Virtualgumshoe.com!

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