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About the Site

Q: Who is this site for?
A: This site is for investigators and researchers that need more from the world wide web than a pile of misinformation. There is so much genuine useful data on the internet which is essential for investigators, researchers, journalists, business owners, geneaologists and anyone that has the investigative prowess to figure things out on there own. Unfortunately most of that information is buried under thousands of websites and banner adds created to misdirect you into more advertisements and dead ends. Virtualgumshoe has taken the best sources available for accessing public information databases as well as a variety of tools available that our users and our staff have found very useful for investigators of all types.
Q: Why not just "Google it"
A: Google is an incredible search engine and a great tool if you learn how to use it. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find the "real" sources to public access information because the websites, often government owned, don't budget for search engine optimization and don't pay for top rankings. Thousands of other companies have paid big money to make their sites come up first in the rankings when a person types in "Free Public Records" and similar phrases, even though they offer little or no free resources.
Our Services

Q: How long does it take for the National Background Check?
A: The National Criminal Record Search is "instant" for all practical purposes. It takes 30 to 60 seconds on average to process the name through all the criminal data in search of matches. The results will pop up on your screen as soon as it is complete. The results will also be securely saved in your Virtualgumshoe account for viewing whenever you log back in.
Q: How much information do I need to provide in order to locate someone?
A: Simply fill in whatever information you have and we will take it from there. The most important information is a correct name. If it's a fairly common last name like Jones or Smith, the more information, the better. A middle initial, a date of birth or even approximate age will help. Another useful detail is the city or region they lived in at some point over the last 20 years. If we ever feel there's simply not enough information to conduct a search, your credit card will be refunded the full fee.
Link Directory

Q: How do I get my site in your link directory?
A: First, make sure the link is relevant.  We only accept relevant links.  Then, submit the link through the contact us page.

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