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Professional Researchers Questions

Professional to Professional questions on industry issues, database access, record retrieval, etc.

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public records search May 1 2006, 9:19pm

It is hard to find free public record sites. Need to find information on a person that is accusing life partner of capital offences... he is facing life and p.d. is not helpful. Need as much ammunition as I can get but I don't know how or where. I have spent several days trying to obtain any info but I keep getting dead end sites or pay sites. I have the name, birthdate and last known address. I know the person has a pending case, he is out on bond, need more info on that too. Please help. Any advise is helpful. Please help. Please

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Re: public records search Sep 26 2006, 1:19am

My dad is 85 years old and he is being influenced by his third wife and her daughter to buy property in Jefferson County, Alabama , such as a bar. How can I find the record of properties which my dad has bought the last several years? Thank you for your assistance .

~ Sonny ~

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Re: public records search Sep 27 2006, 1:23am

Where can I find free online records of marriages in jefferson county, alabama? Thanks for your assistance.

~ Sonny ~

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Re: public records search Oct 21 2006, 1:14am

Is it possible to find a site that has the property tax role for Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana?  I need the address for an unlisted phone number, but need to check to see if the person lives at an address.

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Re: public records search Jan 17 2010, 2:26pm

Not sure if this will help, but I've personally used this website to retrieve public records. They have a pretty big database of all kinds of government records, and have come in handy for me several times. http://bit.ly/government-records

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Re: public records search Aug 23 2013, 11:53am

Why isn't there  a search for " California Orange County Superior Court Public Access" or Califonia Orange County Superior Court Case Search?"

Just about every other county if listed for California, except Orange County...why?

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